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  "Fast, high-quality, effective" is my purpose of maintenance services, you are welcome to work on our
  comments and suggestions! 
? warranty 
  Warranty period, will provide customers with free maintenance (exce
pt for supplies).
  However, abuse, misuse, or damage caused by natural causes, will not warranty the scope.

? consulting services
  Customers in the use of any problems encountered, can be advisory, we will deal with 
  immediately, and provide 24-ho
ur telephone counseling service for the customers the most 
  convenient solution.

? maintenance services
  Maintenance cycle is normally five working days, for the special requirements of customers, 
  we will provide, as the case may shorten the main
tenance cycle.

? technical training
  I will provide the use of hands-on training before the formal process and the use of technical 
  guidance, and the ability to do its utmost to meet your reasonable and other training requirements


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