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More than 640 homes and businesses throughout rural and regional Victoria set to get fast broadband via the NBN   2014-02-19

The National Broadband Network gained further momentum in rural and regional Victoria today as NBN Co announced that a further 12 communities will be the next to benefit from the rollout of fast broadband.  

More than 640 homes and businesses across the state are a step closer to connecting to fast broadband services with construction of NBN Co’s fixed wireless network commencing in three new Victorian sites.

Following a thorough planning and consultation phase, construction of the fixed wireless network has now commenced at sites at Redesdale, near Bendigo, Stratford Town and Yarram in the Gippsland region. These sites can bring access to better broadband to parts of the following communities:  

·       Mia Mia

·       Redesdale

·       Stratford (surrounds)

·       Clydebank

·       Perry Bridge

·       Bundalaguah

·       Airly

·       Yarram (surrounds)

·       Jack River

·       Devon North

·       Calrossie

·       Won Wron


Residents in these areas are encouraged to visit the NBN Co website to see if their home or business is included as part of the coverage footprint via the interactive map:

NBN Co spokesperson Corrie Withers said the fixed-wireless service can bring better broadband to the bush.

“More farms, residents and businesses can look forward to having access to faster internet with the NBN expanding its broadband footprint throughout Victoria,” Mr Withers said.  

“For decades, rural and regional Australia has been left behind when it comes to telecommunications. The fixed wireless service is designed to provide access to internet speeds and bandwidth that many in the big cities currently take for granted.

"The NBN also means you can get the whole family on line at once, opening up opportunities for local farms, businesses and the wider region to participate in the digital age. Fast broadband can help deliver improved access to health, education and entertainment over high quality video links,”* Mr Withers said.

On average, it takes around 12 months from the start of construction until residents and business owners can order NBN retail services from telephone or internet service providers. More information will be provided to residents about how to connect as construction nears completion in each area.

NBN Co’s wholesale fixed wireless service offers retail service providers download speeds of up to 25 megabits per second and upload speeds of up to 5 megabits per second.**

NBN Co also plans to deliver these wholesale speeds to retail service providers over satellite in rural and remote areas when its Long Term Satellite Service launches (currently scheduled for 2015).

A wide range of telephone and internet service providers are available to connect families and businesses to the NBN, with over 40 providers across the country.

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